Health Guarantee

All puppies bought from the Quality Maltese and Maltipoo are protected by 1 year of health assurance provided by our company. If you are not sure about the coverage, check the laws applicable in your specific state.

Within 10 days after purchasing your puppy, take it to a veterinarian who is approved for an examination by an accredited vet. If the veterinarian discovers within ten days from the date of purchase, it is found that the pet has a medical disease or died as a result of an accident or disease that is likely to develop before or on when you purchase your pet or on the delivery the pet is entitled to the following options:

Return the dog in order to receive an entire amount.

Return the animal to receive a dog with a similar worth.

Return the pet and receive reimbursement for reasonable vet costs that are not more than the cost of the purchase.

This isn’t the case for sellers who have provided the official certificate of health from veterinarians and have disclosed in writing before selling their pet, the issue with regards to health the purpose of allowing the buyer to move the animal.

within 30 days of the purchase A licensed veterinarian can determine that your dog is suffering from an congenital or hereditary defect that negatively affects your pet’s health or health condition, or that your dog’s death was the result of a congenital or hereditary defect, and you are not entitled to the same remedies as those described in the previous paragraph.

The seller must be informed of your examining vet’s address as well as the name of the veterinarian and their telephone number within two days following the vet’s confirmation of the dog’s medical condition. In the event that you fail to inform sellers within two days may cause the loss all rights. Every state has its specific laws regarding buying puppies. Be aware of the laws of the state the state you bought your puppy.

Each state in the U.S. has different rules concerning the health guarantee of puppies that are sold. In states which do not have a legal requirement for a health guarantee as a matter of law, every breeder who advertises on our site is required to ensure that their pups are healthy for a minimum period of thirty days. If the guidelines of the state are in effect that guarantee for longer than thirty days, then the law will be the one that is in force.

Certain breeders offer extended guarantees for their puppies. It isn’t legal for a breeder to offer an extended health assurance that isn’t at least conforming to the laws for the particular state. For a fuller explanation of extended genetic health assurances check out the information below.

Extra Genetic Health Garanties (when offered)

A different guarantee is for any illness or condition that has been proven as having a genetic origin with a thorough examination by a vet and tests.

These warranties don’t cover the usual expenses of veterinary treatment for general medical treatment on the pup.

The correct documentation must be presented to the breeder prior to payment of compensation.

This guarantee does not provide insurance for expenses arising from injuries caused by owner’s negligence or an accidental injury.

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